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PrintBio is deploying technologies utilized to manufacture and implant the first 3D-bioprinted living tissues in patients

PrintBio is the only clinical- and commercial-stage regenerative medicine company solving medical challenges with custom-engineered 3D-bioprinted living implants. Leveraging first-in-human clinical experience, PrintBio is developing an array of products, beginning with 3DMatrix™, an FDA 510(k)-cleared 3D-printed monofilament bioresorbable surgical mesh, utilizing its proprietary technologies clinically tested in patients.

Technologies Tested in Patients

PrintBio’s pioneering approach develops products and living tissue implants with structural and functional integrity, based on a four-part technology platform that was developed to support an FDA-allowed IND for Aureo™, an ear bioprinted using cells harvested and expanded from the patient, by 3D Bio Theraeputics, and implanted in 2 patients born with Congenital Microtia.

This platform includes:
  1.  A novel and proprietary 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™)
  2.  A unique collagen-based bio-ink (ColVivo™)
  3.  A specialized cell culture system
  4.  An implantable monofilament resorbable protective shell
    Overshell Technology)
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GMPrinter - PrintBio, Inc.

PrintBio has developed unique capabilities, materials and technologies that enable the creation of living tissue implants for therapeutic applications.

Leveraging this material science, regulatory and clinical experience, PrintBio is preparing to launch its first product that provides physicians with unprecedented capabilities in managing their patients, 3DMatrix™, an FDA 510(k)-cleared 3D-printed monofilament bioresorbable surgical mesh.

PrintBio 3D Bioprinted Mesh
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Corporate Profile

PrintBio is a clinical- and commercial-stage biotechnology company and leader in regenerative medicine using novel 3D-bioprinting and material science technologies to deliver safe, functional and personalized products, and living tissues and organs, engineered and produced on-demand for patients.